Kate is a faith-centered woman, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  I have been awakened to my spirit through her presence on several retreats.  I would recommend Kate as your coach if you are looking for a change on your journey that will provide peace.”

Pattie Kennedy, Life Coach at Independent Beach Body Coach

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions working with Kate.  Each time we speak, I immediately feel at ease and trust her and this process completely.  Kate has guided me to uncover the wisdom I have within in order to make the right decisions for my life.  She has an incredible gift of listening, reframing and shifting my perceptions.  Kate is loving and kind but holds me accountable to do what I say.”

Christine Comninel, Cpc Eli-Mp
, President at Bursting Boundaries Coaching

Kate is a terrific coach and a wonderful person.  Her wisdom, compassion, and expertise are all apparent, shining through brightly on display for all.  Anyone would be lucky to have the privilege of calling her their coach.

Nancy, Seddon, Life Coach specializing in Life, Balance & Fulfillment

UNBELIEVABLE OCCURRENCE HAPPENED!!!  My husband found a safe place where he could dump all the deep rooted pain that was hidden inside of him and release it to a very understanding person that has been given an amazing gift.  He was overwhelmed that his feelings were actually HEARD.  He continued to come with me to see Kate at Transformational Coaching and we have undergone a transformation in our family and marriage.”

Kathi Negri
, Wife at Couples Counseling

For 38 years, I have existed on this earth.  I tried so hard to find happiness and to be happy without any avail.  I used conventional aspect of therapy there was until 1 day, when God put an amazing woman in my path.  This woman had such an angelic way about her and I found myself drawn to her.  I watched how she overcame obstacles and found beauty and peace in every storm that came about her.  I knew then, I wanted that peace.  When the time was right, my God, said to call her.  Her name is Kate Desmond.

I called and my life started to change and I found my voice, my love, my respect for myself.  After 38 years of not getting anywhere with conventional therapy, my life changed after that phone call.

We started meeting 2x’s a week until I was able to get to 1x a week.  She helped me to feel safe and gave me an environment that allowed the layers of the onion to be peeled back and know that I was going to be okay no matter what came out.  That I was truly loved, unconditionally and most of all, I was forgiven.

I started to become the woman I was meant to be all along.  It took a lot of tears, hard work, and forgiving before the healing could start.  When it did, it was the most amazing life experience I have ever felt.  I knew I was going to be okay no matter what life threw at me and that I could stand my ground and be strong and loving.

I learned how to talk with kindness, love, compassion, truth, and faith.  My love for myself grew deeper but most of all, my love for my Savior became more intimate and loving.

I realized it was okay to be me and not worry what other people thought about me or that I had to make other people happy at my expense.

Her words of wisdom and gifts became a safe zone to find what was the root or core of all those layers being peeled back.  I was completely shocked at what I found and when it appeared, I cried and then gave it a proper burial and moved on with my new life.

I spent 6 years with Kate and am at a point now, where I can pick up the phone, when I feel the need for encouragement and spiritual rejuvenation when I feel the sadness coming back.  I know to stop it in its tracks, recognize it and move past it.

The fear I lived in all my life has now started to go away and I know the tools to keep them at bay.  I have been able to get off antidepressants and lower my anti anxiety medication and looking forward to going even lower.

All the glory goes to God for creating His beloved child, Kate Desmond, with the gift to help His other beloved children that just got lost for a while.

If you find yourself scared, lonely and wondering why, may I please suggest you call her.  She will help you peel your onion back and you will find the forgiveness and healing that give’s the “Letting Go” process to be complete and live a life of gratefulness and gratitude.

Thank you, Kate, for my new life.”