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II Corinthians 3:17

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Image 4-30-18 at 12.23 PMFreedom is such an elusive gift.

There are moments that I am in the very grip of this magnificent attribute.

I am free to explore the heights of the heavens.

I can glide with the winds of freedom. This is such an indescribable gift.

I can glide with the winds of change unencumbered by my personal limitations.  I am aware that they are present, nevertheless they no longer control me; they are not present in me; they are obstacles meant to define and distract me.

I can now choose if they are here to serve me or if they are mindsets that will prevent me from soaring.

Choice is a gift that is so under-appreciated and abused.

It is this hidden treasure that is always available.

It appears to be buried in the “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts” and temptations of this world.

These are the thoughts that come to convince us we have no power or say-so in our lives.  The truth is choice is our God-given right to align ourselves with the Kingdom of God within or make are own way.  Choice is something God will never take from us.  He wants us to unwrap it and use it at every juncture of our lives.  When we do this, we will never feel we’re at the mercy of life but will be change-agents affecting life, co-creating with God.  He is waiting for us to join Him, traveling to destinations that take us to the heights of possibilities.  We can choose to soar to the heights of heaven or dive to the depth of the restraints of this world.  It is at these heights we can uncover and access the compass that will lead us to destinations we have only dreamed of.  There are regions and realms that are waiting for us to pursue them — we only need to choose to explore them.