Meet the Coach

Kate Desmond

Kate Desmond

My name is Kate Desmond.  I am an IPEC Certified Core Energy Transition Coach.  I work together with you to connect the dots of your life to give you a clear picture of where you have been and where you would like to go.  As your coach together we collaborate in letting go of your old story and creating one that is more consistent with your present hopes and dreams.  I use different coaching tools, along with a strong intuition, to remove barriers that have stopped you in the past from reaching your fullest potential.

Everyone is transitioning in life.  Working with a transition coach can expand your vision, honor your heart’s desire, and bring you into alignment with your truth.

Much of my life has been invested in nurturing my family, friends, and clients.  I managed and was a caretaker on an estate for 10 years, owned a homegrown bakery, and was involved in numerous entrepreneurial projects as I pursued my dream of full-time ministry.  

My own personal journey of loss led me to work with Hospice where I journeyed with those in the last stages of life, helping individuals and their family transition into this very sacred time of life.

One of my favorite places to minister was at a women’s correctional facility in New York. For almost 20 years I participated in putting on retreats, doing Bible studies, counseling and shepherding the residents who were incarcerated.  These beautiful women were my teachers as well as my students.  This was one of my greatest joys.

BUT, what about YOU?

Transition can be an exciting time to re-create your life.  When you remove obstacles and change old patterns that no longer serve you, you create a healthy inner environment where lasting change can live.

I love working with people at the cross roads of life, so, consider the following questions:

Is Transformational Coaching for you?

Are you entering a new season in your life?

Is your role as a parent changing?

Are you in a challenging relationship?

Have you lost a friend, child or spouse?

Are you contemplating separation or divorce or recently separated or divorced?

Do you want to explore your inner world?

Do you want to develop a deeper relationship with God, self and others?

If the answers are YES, contact me for a FREE consultation.

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Coach Kate’s Certifications

Dr Sears Wellness Institute (1)IPEC Certificate (1)IPEC Energy Certificate (1)KETO Coaching Certificate (1)