Life Coaching

Change Your Story

Kate Desmond

Kate Desmond

Kate Desmond is like an editor helping you to eliminate and add to your life story until it reflects the best-seller it was designed to be.

She helps those who are seeking a significant relationship with God, self and others to unpack and alleviate the blocks and hindrances that impede them from playing the staring role in their life.

As you work with her, you will close episodes of your life that are stopping you from going on to the next chapter.

Some of the stories we keep telling ourselves can be the very thing that keep us confined in the past. Join Kate in editing those old stories so we can create the masterpiece you were created to live.

Life Coaching is a profession somewhat different from therapy or counseling. The coaching process addresses specific personal goals, challenges, general conditions and transitions in the client’s personal life and relationships by exploring what is going on in the moment, discovering what your hindrances or challenges might be, and picking a course of action to start moving in the direction that would benefit your life and fulfill your aspirations.

Life coaches focus more on the now and future then the problems of the past. That being said, a coach will help you to move out of areas of your past you are stuck in or need to process.

Life Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. We believe that you have the answer with-in you even if it appears to be hidden in the moment. We are trained to listen intuitively and ask questions that empower you to find the answers. We are not the experts on your life but seek to help you self-discover the hidden mysteries and answers that you hold with-in.

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