Treasure Hunt for Inner Strength & Beauty


As fellow sojourners in this life we help one another by reminding each other of who we really are.

If we know one another by the Spirit we get a glimpse of the greatness that is inside every soul.

We are called to inspire one another to become that hidden person.

When we perceive the gold hidden in that hunk of humanity we get a glimpse of one another’s real beauty. There are hidden treasures in each person waiting to be excavated. In a sense we are all miners, mining the gold in one another’s life.

The Spirit empowers us to see beyond personality’s and outward behavior to the unique calling and qualities that have not yet been unearthed. Our insights so often rouse these strengths in another and allow them to let go of the poor self-image that they have believed, releasing feeling of shame and inadequacy.

When we focus on those strengths in our fellow kinsmen it draws out and disempowers the poor self-image that has been dictating to them and influencing them to lead a counterfeit life.

It is amazing to me how the power of divine truth chases every thing that is inconsistent away.

When we begin to see the truth about our selves and others there is no longer room for those old images.

We need to be dazzled by the gold in one another and ourselves. We need the brilliance and the light of Gods truth to be the beacon that leads us to see how unique and powerful our authentic God created self is. Eventually we will be blinded to our own personal judgments and opinions that have created a distorted picture or image as we respond to the divine artist who is busy erasing that image to exposé the original masterpiece that He desighned us to be.

This earth is a treasure chest filled with the most brilliant gems waiting for us to mine in one another and ourselves. There are so many majestic possibilities that are waiting to be uncovered.

I have caught sight of who I am because others saw beyond what I was manifesting in the natural.

They saw the glimmer of who I was and began to mine that treasure in me with words of encouragement and sometimes with the pickaxe of love.

I am grateful that they took the time to look beyond who I thought I was.

I am reminded of those wonderful miners Grumpy, Happy, Sneezy, Doc, Sleepy, Bashful and Dopey. Each one of them was so unique and different from each other.

When Snow White saw them she saw beyond the grumpiness, the sleep deprivation the shyness. She saw the character that was hidden in their spirits and she drew it out with the love she had for them.  They in turn loved her and nurtured the strength back into her.

What a wonderful way to live life

5 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt for Inner Strength & Beauty

  1. Kevin Desmond

    The journey to find your true self is a lifetime search filled with God’s servants speaking into your life. The “church” is made up of each person walking the face of this planet and those who truly seek their individual purpose will most definitely collide with the full Grace of the Lord where you will say “It feels wonderful to be home again!”, I see the Lord work in Kate often and see how He has led her down this path of coaching to become the person she is and becoming another instrument of the Lord for His Body! I call myself blessed with my wife. For His Glory! Kevin

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  2. Celeste

    I have been so Blessed to be a part of the above process that you so Eloquently expressed, Kate. It is Only in His Persistent Love Patience and Wisdom that the Kingdom Will Manifest this Process. Thank you to the Women and Men in My Life who have applied the Picaxe of Love to Break Away the Lies Habits and Uglyness that do Not Belong In my New Being of God’s Love. You All Know Who You ARe and Continue to Be😘💗🙌✝️🕊😍

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